Odd Pieces Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles Review

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Jigsaw puzzles have long been a staple for those looking for a mentally stimulating way to spend their free time. Traditionally, they’ve been a go-to for individuals and families seeking hours of offline entertainment. Vivid colors and world-class artistry draw players into the completion of a picturesque scene.

However, the advent of odd pieces mystery jigsaw puzzles has introduced a new fun at-home activity that pushes the boundaries of traditional puzzles. Combining the satisfaction of a high-quality puzzle with the thrill of a treasure hunt, these sets offer different levels of difficulty catering to various skill levels, ensuring there’s something for every puzzle lover.

With a mystery jigsaw puzzle, not only do you work on placing individual pieces together, but you also engage with a unique storyline, hunt for treasure hunt clues, and sometimes even enjoy mini stories or comics that reveal the final scene. It’s the ultimate twist on a classic pastime.

Table: At A Glance


Odd Pieces Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles -Turbo

If you relish a jigsaw with a charming quirk, the Turbo 3000 is an excellent choice that turns the common assembly into a narrative adventure.

Jigsaw puzzles have long been lauded for their ability to provide hours of offline entertainment. Diving into the world of Odd Pieces, you’re not just piecing together a puzzle; you’re embarking on an exploratory journey where vivid colors and world-class artistry craft an engaging tale.

With the Turbo 3000, expect more than the usual, as this high-quality puzzle boasts an ultimate twist, turning your leisurely weekend stretch into an engrossing narrative.

The addition of a secret envelope and a list of clues injects a refreshing angle to puzzle sales that may have seemed a bit boring. Far removed from run-of-the-mill designs, this piece jigsaw puzzle brings together mystery jigsaw puzzle pieces with storytelling comics and mini stories.

Odd Pieces has an eye for intricate and original artwork, entrusting undiscovered artists to contribute to each set’s flare. The PC jigsaw puzzle format means that every element from the blue board to the strange objects scattered across the series is deliberate, revealing more than a pretty picture but a cool gift that keeps on giving.


  • Features a unique storyline with a secret ending, elevating it beyond a typical jigsaw puzzle.
  • Made with high-quality, durable pieces that ensure stay-flat abilities even beyond completion.
  • The inclusion of treasure hunt clues offers an additional layer of fun and challenge.


  • The different levels of difficulty might not cater to all skill levels, potentially frustrating beginners.
  • As a non-traditional puzzle, it might not satisfy those who prefer a classic puzzle experience.
  • The distinctive nature might make it feel like less value for seasoned puzzle enthusiasts who look for scale and detail.

Beyond The Kelp

Odd Pieces Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles - Beyond The Kelp

Your quest for a quirky, curious jigsaw adventure ends with Beyond The Kelp. It’s far from the usual, beckoning puzzlers with its promise of an unexpected twist.

Jigsaw puzzles have long been a serene escape, often stretching into a comfy weekend’s worth of calm. However, when traditional scenes grow a bit boring, Beyond The Kelp sweeps in as a cool gift, disrupting the peace with its enthralling challenge.

This puzzle is a nudge towards higher skill levels, inviting you to traverse through its vivid colors and potentially unfamiliar pathways.

The odd pieces in this puzzle redefine the world of jigsaw enthusiasts in a captivating and enchanting manner. It is an intriguing new fun at-home activity that caters to different levels of difficulty. The unique storyline and mysterious allure of the Beyond The Kelp promise to captivate any puzzle lover.

What lifts this product into the realm of ultimate fun is how it revamps the very nature of the jigsaw puzzle with its unique elements. Imagine the surprise as a secret envelope or a list of treasure hunt clues surfaces, guiding you to the grand unveiling of the final scene – it’s the ultimate twist that sets this apart from your old ordinary puzzle.

It’s not only the challenge that makes Beyond The Kelp stand out, but the quality as well. Boasting a proprietary method that ensures stay-flat abilities and a top-tier finish, enthusiasts can rejoice in this high-quality puzzle.

The world-class artistry presented in the form of original artwork will have you appreciating each piece, much like treasures from an undiscovered artist’s portfolio.

Remarkably, Beyond The Kelp strikes an excellent balance – it’s perfectly enjoyable for a solo adventure through its mini stories or as a whole family activity. The brand’s kind support team bolsters the experience, ensuring that your journey through the unknown is backed with good customer service, providing reassurance and additional hints if needed.


  • Escalates the traditional puzzle experience with a storytelling twist
  • Encourages strategic thinking with creatively interwoven clues
  • Encompasses a satisfying secret ending to delight puzzle aficionados


  • May challenge those new to mystery puzzles with its atypical approach
  • Fewer clues compared to other mystery puzzles might heighten difficulty
  • Higher price point could deter those accustomed to regular puzzles

Snack Attack 

Odd Pieces Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles -  Snack Attack

If you’re hunting for an engaging new fun at-home activity that is a step away from typical boring gift options, this jigsaw puzzle offers the ultimate twist.

Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle-1,000 Pcs features a storytelling approach that invites you to dive into a world of mystery. While you may have indulged in conventional piece jigsaw puzzles before, this one by Odd Pieces challenges the norms by integrating mini stories and a unique storyline with a secret ending-1000 piece puzzle. The excitement begins through a short comic, priming your detective skills for the treasure hunt clues that lie ahead.

Unlike ordinary puzzles where you aim to replicate the box image, Odd Pieces flips the script, guiding you to an undiscovered final scene that evolves with every piece you place. With this mystifying jigsaw puzzle game, fun puzzles become an immersive experience.

The stay-flat abilities of the premium blue board ensure that each piece fits snugly into the next, creating a smooth, lay-flat final scene for display. The magic puzzle comes alive thanks to its vivid colors and one-of-a-kind original artwork, featuring the type of pleasure that Where’s Waldo books used to provide, but taken to new levels of difficulty.

Moreover, a fantastic puzzle like this can transform your weekend stretch into ultimate fun, especially when the whole family teams up to decipher the mini puzzles and follow the clue checklist to the secret envelope. Remember, this isn’t just any jigsaw puzzle; the secret ending promises the best surprises, extending beyond the boundary of traditional puzzles, even possibly matching the thrill of a great mysterious monument.

If you need kind support from the team, don’t worry; customer care is reputed for good customer service.


  • Provides hours of offline entertainment for puzzle lovers of all skill levels
  • Showcases world class artistry with vivid colors and original artwork
  • Encourages deductive reasoning with a list of clues and a secret envelope for an exciting treasure hunt


  • May be more challenging than traditional puzzles, perhaps not suitable for those who prefer straightforward assembly
  • A higher price point, which could deter some buyers looking for regular puzzles


Odd Pieces Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles - Shutterbug

If you want a unique puzzling experience, this Odd Pieces puzzle brings a breath of fresh air with its unique mystery element.

Jigsaw puzzles might seem a bit boring to some, but Odd Pieces brings a whole new fun at-home activity that tosses the traditional concept to the wayside. The Shutterbug Magic Puzzle is no ordinary puzzle; woven into its 1,000 vividly colored pieces is a secret envelope story that transforms your assembly process into an ultimate twist treasure hunt. You’ll find mini stories and fantastic puzzles that involve the whole family.

With a list of clues and a clue checklist to aid you, this is the kind of cool gift that presents hours of bonding and brain-teasing fun.

There’s nothing typical about this puzzle. Thejigsaw puzzle from Odd Pieces offers different levels of difficulty, and its unique storyline culminates in a secret ending. The quality of the puzzle pieces with their stay-flat abilities ensures that once completed, the high quality puzzle reflects the world-class artistry and original artwork.

Odd Pieces has demonstrated good customer service, which is reflected in their kind support team.

They’ve crafted a product that pays homage to traditional jigsaw joy with a treasure hunt twist, evoking days of excitement, a great cleansing from a snack attack, or even a weekend stretch.

This fantastic puzzle stands out as an amazing gift not just for the odd puzzle lover, but for anyone with a penchant for mystery and a love for a well-crafted story interlaced in a world of woof high.

With the Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle from Odd Pieces, say goodbye to a regular puzzle’s peak periods and hello to an engaging, mystery escape, all from the comfort of your home.


  • Offers an engaging twist with storytelling comics
  • Provides hours of offline entertainment suitable for all skill levels
  • Made from high-quality materials ensuring great puzzle integrity


  • Higher difficulty level may not suit every puzzle lover
  • No reference image may be challenging for some
  • The mystery element could diverge from preference for traditional puzzle enthusiasts


Odd Pieces Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles - AstroGastro

If you’re looking for an intriguing new fun at-home activity that deviates from typical jigsaw puzzles, the AstroGastro Magic Puzzle by Odd Pieces is a choice worth considering.

Puzzle sales are witnessing a surge, with many looking for interesting ways to engage their minds and fill their weekend stretch with fun. The AstroGastro Magic Puzzle from Odd Pieces offers an ultimate twist in the world of jigsaw puzzles, merging high quality puzzle construction with a storytelling comic that leads you through a series of mini-stories.

Unlike regular puzzles where the box art gives it all away, this jigsaw puzzle comes with a secret envelope, adding layers to the puzzle-solving experience. Not your ordinary puzzle, AstroGastro appeals to a broad range of skill levels with its different levels of difficulty.

The puzzle flaunts a world-class artistry, with original artwork that transforms into a fantastic puzzle once completed. This ensures the whole family can enjoy finding those mystery jigsaw puzzle pieces while scouring the final scene that only the keen-eyed or determined residents of puzzle world will fully appreciate.

A great gift indeed, with a clue checklist to guide you, ensuring that not only are you piecing together a high quality puzzle but also following a trail of treasure hunt clues.

The mystery puzzles are more than just a way of life; they offer an engaging activity with a secret ending that awaits as your reward, celebrating the ultimate fun found in the AstroGastro series 1 bundle.

Although it’s a grade above a typical jigsaw puzzle, keep in mind that this puzzle’s individuality may require more patience from novices or the young ones.


  • Offers a unique storyline with a secret ending-1000 piece puzzle assembly experience
  • Enhanced engagement with a list of clues and treasure hunt elements
  • High quality puzzle with vivid colors and original artwork


  • May pose a bit too challenging for puzzle enthusiasts accustomed to traditional puzzles
  • The different levels of difficulty could be a barrier for younger participants


Odd Pieces Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles - Glitch

Discover an intriguing alternative to regular puzzles that offers hours of entertainment with a unique twist and storytelling element.

Jigsaw puzzles are a staple in homes around the world, providing entertainment and a chance to unwind. Odd Pieces elevates the traditional jigsaw puzzle to incorporate a storyline with mini stories and treasure hunt clues that unfold as you place each piece. This 1000 pc jigsaw puzzle marries the old soul of tangible games with technology-free fun, making it a great choice for the whole family.

Embark on a journey through the world of Odd Pieces, encountering strange objects and undiscovered artists that combine to create original artwork. This high-quality puzzle enables you to dive into a world class artistry experience contrary to anything found in the usual puzzle sales.

The different levels of difficulty engage the whole spectrum of puzzle enthusiasts, providing a fresh way of life for aficionados and newcomers alike.

When you buy this mystery jigsaw puzzle, what you’re truly receiving is more than just a simple game – it’s a gateway to ultimate fun. With vivid colors and a secret ending-1000 piece puzzle feature, each session becomes a treasure hunt. The addition of a clue checklist propels you through the narrative, making the final scene a satisfying climax of your deducing prowess.

The combination of hours of offline entertainment, a unique storyline, and the stay-flat abilities of the quality pieces, crafted by a proprietary method, ensures that the completed puzzle is a sight to behold.

While the high quality puzzle immerses you, the fantastic puzzles also offer good customer service, thanks to their kind support team, ensuring a great cleansing experience should any hiccups arise.


  • Engages various skill levels with different levels of difficulty
  • Offers a new fun at-home activity
  • Encourages interaction with a list of clues and a mini-mystery to solve


  • May be challenging for those used to traditional puzzles without a reference image
  • The secret envelope and hidden storyline might not appeal to all puzzle lovers
  • Vivid colors could make pieces seem similar, increasing the difficulty

Buying Guide

Features to Look For

When choosing the best mystery jigsaw puzzle:

  • Quality of Pieces: Select a high-quality puzzle with pieces that stay flat and fit well together.
  • Complexity for Skill Levels: Look for puzzles with different levels of difficulty to match your skill level.
  • Artwork and Colors: Vivid colors and original artwork can significantly enhance your puzzle experience.

What to Expect in the Box

  • Odd-Shaped Pieces: These mystery jigsaw puzzle pieces offer an ultimate twist beyond regular puzzles.
  • Clue Checklist: A list of clues or mini stories to guide you, much like a treasure hunt.
  • Secret Envelope: Expect an extra component like a secret envelope to add to the mystery.

User Experience

  • Unique Storyline: A narrative-driven jigsaw may include storytelling comics akin to “Where’s Waldo” books.
  • Skill Engagement: Ensure it challenges you, providing hours of offline entertainment.
  • Piece Count: Decide on the number of pieces – a 1000-piece puzzle is often a good balance.


As the final pieces click into place, completing the intricate tapestry of Odd Pieces Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles, one cannot help but reflect on the journey undertaken. Through twists and turns, challenges and triumphs, these puzzles have not only tested our patience and skill but also sparked moments of wonder and delight. With each puzzle solved, we have unraveled mysteries, uncovered hidden treasures, and forged connections that transcend mere cardboard and ink.

As we bid farewell to this captivating adventure, we carry with us the memories of moments shared, the lessons learned, and the joy found in the pursuit of the unknown. Until our next puzzle beckons, we remain captivated by the allure of Odd Pieces Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles, forever entwined in their enchanting web of intrigue.

Have you done any mystery puzzles before? What features do you enjoy the most. Please comment below.

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