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Hello puzzle enthusiasts! If you’re like me, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as completing a challenging jigsaw puzzle. However, amidst the thrill of assembling hundreds or even thousands of pieces lies a common struggle: keeping everything organized. Fear not, for we’ve embarked on a mission to streamline your puzzle-solving experience by reviewing 7 best puzzle sorting trays on the market.

Whether you’re tackling a picturesque landscape, a mesmerizing abstract design, or a challenging 3D puzzle, having a reliable sorting system can make all the difference. From compact trays ideal for cozy evenings to larger sets perfect for epic puzzle marathons, we’ve scoured the shelves to find options that cater to every puzzler’s needs.

Join us as we delve into the world of puzzle piece sorting trays, exploring their features, functionality, and how they can revolutionize the way you approach your next puzzle masterpiece. Say goodbye to the frustration of lost pieces and disorganized chaos, and say hello to a more efficient, enjoyable puzzling experience. Let’s dive in and discover the key to organizing your puzzle pieces like a pro!

Table: At A Glance

PreviewProductNumber of TraysPuzzle Piece CapacityPrice
Best Puzzle Sorting Trays - Buffalo GamesBuffalo Games 7Up to 1000Price
Best Puzzle Sorting Trays - WISHDIAMWISHDIAM8Up to 2000Price
Best Puzzle Sorting Trays - BeckoBecko8Up to 1500Price
Best Puzzle Sorting Trays - RavensburgerRavensburger6Up to 1000Price
e-kiddose-Kiddos10Up to 2500Price
Best Puzzle Sorting Trays - TidybossTidyboss81500-2000Price
Best Puzzle Sorting Trays - GroBesNariolar/GroBes6Up to 5000Price

Buffalo Games

Best Puzzle Sorting Trays - Buffalo Games

If you’re a dedicated puzzler in need of a practical, tidy, and enjoyable puzzle organization, these trays are ideal for enhancing your experience.

Puzzle enthusiasts often encounter the familiar challenge of keeping a sprawling jigsaw work area neat and tidy. The Buffalo Games Puzzle Sorting Trays tackle this issue with multi-colored trays that provide a compact and organized view, enhancing your overall puzzle experience.

The ability to sort puzzle pieces by individual shape or color into separate trays before assembly is a true game-changer. There’s a satisfying click when the trays interlock, creating a neat space-saving storage solution that’s perfect for those who don’t want puzzle pieces taking up too much space.

Imagine you’re in the middle of a challenging jigsaw puzzle game, and it’s time to wrap up for the night – this tray set fits the bill. The sturdy construction means you can confidently stack the trays, secure the lid, and return the next day to pick up where you left off. It’s marvelous not having to worry about missing pieces.

Great for the whole family or as great therapy for a solo session, these puzzle trays stand out as a cute item that retains practicality and helps create a lot of good memories with your choice of puzzles.


  • Number of Trays: 7
  • Capacity: Up to 1000 pieces
  • Dimensions of Tray: 7.5″L X 7.5″W X .7″D


  • Multiple trays allow for a well-organized view by color category
  • Stackable with a top tray, which ensures compact organization and easy transport
  • Durable construction ideal for puzzlers of all ages


  • The variety of different colors could be expanded to avoid duplicates
  • With a lot of pieces, the space within each tray may feel limited
  • The trays accommodate up to a 1000 piece puzzle, which might be small for more extensive sets


Best Puzzle Sorting Trays - WISHDIAM

Your puzzling experience will level up with these trays, making organization and storage as satisfying as the jigsaw puzzles themselves.

Starting a new jigsaw puzzle can be overwhelming when you see a lot of pieces, but with the puzzle sorter set from WISHDIAM, you instantly get an organized view of your task. The sturdy construction of the trays allows you to safely store puzzle pieces without worrying about missing pieces. It’s great therapy to focus on solving puzzles, and these trays make the process smoother.

The compact organization it provides means no more spreading out over too much space, and the different colors help you separate by color category or individual shape. These puzzle trays are truly a versatile asset.

Whether you’re a dedicated puzzler or looking for a great gift, joining forces with the whole family or tackling the challenge solo, these multi-colored trays from WISHDIAM provide a neat and tidy solution. Upon completion of your puzzle, the trays can be stacked and tucked away for later use, allowing for easy transport back to your work area when you’re ready for your next jigsaw puzzle game. The easy-to-handle box size makes storage a breeze when not in use.


  • Number of Trays: 8
  • Piece Capacity: Up to 2,000
  • Tray Dimenisions: 8″L x 8″W x 0.8″H


  • Multi-colored trays offer easy viewing for sorting
  • Stackable design saves space and allows for neat space-saving storage
  • Designed to fit up to a 2000 piece puzzle, accommodating a wide choice of puzzles


  • Plastic material may be prone to cracking under certain circumstances
  • The tray set might not hold up well to rough handling during shipping
  • The top tray in the stack may not secure pieces if the set is tilted too much


Best Puzzle Sorting Trays - Becko

If you’re looking to elevate your puzzling experience, this set of puzzle sorting trays is a game-changer for puzzlers of all ages.

Whether you’re a dedicated puzzler or someone looking for a great way to organize, Becko’s stackable trays offer a compact organization for your jigsaw puzzles. Their sturdy construction ensures they can be used and reused for many puzzling sessions.

The trays’ stand-out feature is their easy viewing, which contributes to a rather enjoyable puzzle experience. The transparent lid helps keep everything secure and dust-free – a blessing for anyone who’s ever had to search for missing puzzle pieces. The compact organization of these trays means they won’t take up too much space on your table.

What makes these puzzle trays a great addition to your collection of puzzling tools is their adaptability and ease of use. You can stack them into a neatly arranged column, which means that even with a lot of pieces, your puzzle-sorting process looks orderly. As a result, you spend less time searching and more time solving. Puzzles have always been great therapy, and with tools like this, the experience only gets better.

Lastly, for those seeking an original gift for puzzle fans, these trays can be a thoughtful and cute item. They add significant value to the jigsaw puzzle game, ensuring that the whole family, regardless of choice of puzzles, can enjoy a great experience. Plus, the ease with which these trays stack and store puzzle pieces means they’re a perfect fit for a cozy family puzzle night, without leaving your space in disarray for later use. Whether it’s for personal use or as a great gift, Becko’s puzzle sorter hits all the right notes for an organized and satisfying puzzling experience.


  • Number of Trays: 8
  • Puzzle Piece Capacity: Up to 1500
  • Tray Diminsions: 9.4″ x 8.2″ x 0.7″


  • Ensures an organized view and easy sorting with multi-colored trays
  • Sturdy construction that promises durability and easy transport
  • Comes with a transparent lid for neat space-saving storage and protection from dust and pets


  • Limited to puzzles up to 1500 pieces, not suitable for larger puzzles
  • Occupies a bit of space when fully stacked; consider your work area size


Best Puzzle Sorting Trays - Ravensburger

If you’re a puzzle enthusiast looking for a neat space-saving storage solution, Ravensburger Sort & Go would elevate your puzzling experience remarkably.

Most puzzlers would agree that sifting through a lot of pieces can dampen the puzzling experience. Enter the Ravensburger Sort & Go—a system of trays that turns what could be a puzzling dilemma into a joy. The best part of these trays is the way they effortlessly link for consolidated, easy viewing, so whether it’s a family gathering or a solo endeavor, everyone can stay organized and immersed in their choice of puzzles.

A great gift, indeed, for the dedicated puzzler in your life, the Sort & Go offers an organized view of your puzzles without commandeering too much space. Whether on your wish list or already part of your collection, its sturdy construction and practical design make this puzzle sorter a top tray choice.

The Sort & Go fits nicely into a special category—a puzzle enthusiast’s best friend. These trays are a great way to prevent missing pieces, especially when you need to clear the table for later use. The sturdy plastic material survives the regular transport of trays, making these practical for anyone moving from place to place.

This tray set promises to keep your puzzling trays well ordered and your puzzle boards free to showcase the growing masterpiece. Store puzzle pieces by color category or by size and shape, and let the original stack-em puzzle sorting trays do the heavy lifting. Happy puzzling!


  • Number of Trays: 6
  • Puzzle Piece Capacity: Up to 1000 pieces
  • Tray Dimensions: 7.5″L x 6.5″W x 0.75″H


  • Enhances the sorting phase, making it a breeze to categorize by color or puzzle piece shape
  • The trays’ stackability keeps your work area tidy, taking up minimal space
  • Compact design ensures not only neat organization but also easy transport of your project


  • Trays may be too small for larger puzzles beyond the 1000 piece puzzle limit
  • Limited space for very large, individual shape pieces
  • When managing multiple sets, you could run out of space on smaller tables


Best Puzzle Sorting Trays - E-Kiddos

If you’re knee-deep in jigsaw puzzles and need a way to manage the chaos, these trays are a game-changer.

Conquering a mountain of puzzle pieces can be overwhelming, but not when you’ve got a set of puzzle sorting trays at your side. Cracking open the box for the first time, you instantly feel that this is a puzzle sorter designed with the needs of a puzzler in mind. The white color is perfect for making sure every tiny detail of your puzzle pieces pops for that organized view.

The best part is the way these trays stack. Whenever you return to your puzzle boards, you’ll appreciate the neat space-saving storage that doesn’t hog too much space.

Whether it’s for a dedicated puzzler or for the whole family to join in, this set fits the bill for a great way to enhance the puzzling experience. It’s like providing a box of organized joy – simple yet so critical for those drawn to the jigsaw puzzle game.

After many sessions of sorting through a lot of pieces, you’ll find that these cute items are not just trays but companions in your puzzling journey. They might seem small, but they contribute to a lot of good memories with each puzzle completed. Puzzle fans understand the frustration of missing pieces, hence the included lid is a thoughtful touch. Even during easy transport or later use, they take care of your puzzle pieces.

Ultimately, the E-Kiddos Puzzle Trays strengthen the bond between puzzle trays and puzzle fans, proving that sometimes, the simplest solutions provide the greatest experience. A solid gift, great therapy, a splendid way of organizing – this tray set is an original in its own right, echoing the classic appeal of the original stack-em puzzle sorting trays but with a modern, user-friendly twist.


  • Number of Trays: 10
  • Puzzle Piece Capacity: Up to 2500
  • Tray Dimensions: 8″ x 8″


  • 2 colors available
  • Visual clarity is enhanced with the white construction for easy viewing of multi-colored pieces.
  • Comes with a cover to help prevent any missing pieces, ensuring a complete puzzle experience.



Best Puzzle Sorting Trays - Tidyboss

If you’re a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, these trays are a must-have; they revolutionize the puzzling experience with seamless organization and space-saving features.

Crafting a corner of organized view in your work area becomes the new norm with Tidyboss sorting trays. You’ll have your puzzle pieces, of any shape, meticulously sorted into color category with ease. It’s akin to a librarian finding that one elusive book – these puzzle trays offer a sense of accomplishment even before you’ve completed the jigsaw puzzle game.

Helping to store puzzle pieces securely, each sturdy tray stacks, making an organized puzzle enthusiast’s space blissfully compact. Remember the dread of missing pieces? With this tray set, it feels like a problem of the past. Pieces are corralled safely under the top tray, creating a neat, protected stack, making this both practical and a great gift.

Tidyboss stays true to the name, embodying compact organization that doesn’t eat up your entire table. It’s the best part about these trays – they leave room for your coffee cup and notepad, making for a whole family or a personal, dedicated puzzler space.

In short, if you’ve been on the hunt for an efficient way to manage your puzzling trays, providing an organized and easy transport solution, these original stack-em puzzle sorter trays are the holy grail. Don’t let your puzzling experience be diminished by a cluttered and disorganized space. Allow Tidyboss to elevate your game, one neatly sorted piece at a time.


  • Number of Trays: 8
  • Puzzle Piece Capacity: 1500 – 2000
  • Tray Dimensions: 10.3 x 10.3 x 5 inches


  • Pieces Stand Out On White Trays
  • Neat space-saving storage, perfect for puzzlers with space constraints
  • Includes a top tray to protect against spills and pets


  • May be larger than expected, requiring more storage space when not in use
  • Plastic material might not appeal to those preferring eco-friendly products
  • The white background, while great for visibility, could show wear over time


Best Puzzle Sorting Trays - Nariolar/GroBes

In your search for an effective puzzling assistant, this set might just become a cherished addition to your puzzle assembly rituals.

Organizing the chaos of a thousand-piece puzzle can quickly turn from challenge to delight with the Nariolar Jumbo Puzzle Sorter. If you’re a puzzle enthusiast seeking both neat space-saving storage and an organized view of your ongoing work, these multi-colored trays offer a compact organization solution. Imagine laying out various color categories on each tray; the contrast not only makes for easy viewing but also transforms your work area into a vibrant display.

Mishaps of missing pieces can disrupt the flow of your puzzle assembly, but with the Nariolar tray set, you’re safeguarded by a smart, puzzle sorter design. Each tray’s sturdy construction ensures pieces stay put. For puzzles that demand more time, you have the luxury to stack and store puzzle pieces for later use.

Granted, these trays won’t suit every puzzle fan. Individuals working in a compact space might find the size of the trays a bit too generous, and those dedicating time to a puzzle of mere hundreds, rather than thousands of pieces, may not utilize the full potential of this setup.

Combining practicality with a pleasing aesthetic, these puzzle trays expand your choice of puzzles and liberate your puzzling experience from the confines of standard puzzle boards. Whether you’re gifting them to a fellow puzzler or adding them to your own arsenal, Nariolar’s tray set stands out among different products, ensuring a great experience.


  • Number of Trays: 6
  • Puzzle Piece Capacity: Up to 5000
  • Tray Dimensions: 16.9″ x 12.0″


  • Ample space for a multitude of pieces, supporting large puzzles
  • Colored trays for easy identification and sorting by color or shape
  • Constructed with environmentally conscious, durable materials


  • May occupy too much space for puzzlers with smaller work areas
  • Could be excessive for puzzles with fewer pieces
  • Color variety could be overwhelming for those preferring a uniform look

Buying Guide

Understanding Puzzle Sorting Trays

When choosing the best puzzle sorting trays, consider sturdy construction and compact organization. Good trays can turn the jigsaw puzzle game into a great experience for puzzlers of all ages.

MaterialChoose plastic material for durability.
Size & FitEnsure the set fits your work area.
PortabilityLook for trays that offer easy transport.

Room for Every Piece

The best part about quality puzzle trays is keeping a lot of pieces organized. Look for a set of puzzle trays that allow sorting by color category or individual shape, which offers an organized view during your puzzling experience.

Keeping It Together

Consider options to store puzzle pieces securely to avoid missing pieces.

  • The trays should stack or nest for later use.
  • Opt for a tray with sections that prevent pieces from mixing.

Considerations for Convenience

Whether you’re a dedicated puzzler or looking for a great gift, ensure the tray set caters to the recipient’s choice of puzzles. A good set fits seamlessly into the whole family’s activity lineup, and should be easy to use and clean, providing a great way to build a lot of good memories

  • Assess whether the tray size corresponds to the box size of your regular jigsaw puzzles.
  • If you’re gifting, consider their puzzling trays preference.

Closing Words

As we come to the end of our journey through the realm of puzzle sorting trays, it’s clear that these ingenious tools are more than just accessories—they’re game-changers for any avid puzzler. From simplifying the sorting process to enhancing overall efficiency, the right tray can transform the way you approach and enjoy your favorite puzzles.

Whether you’re a seasoned puzzler seeking to streamline your process or a beginner looking to dive into the world of jigsaw puzzles with confidence, investing in a high-quality sorting tray is a decision you won’t regret. With options ranging from sleek and portable to comprehensive and versatile, there’s a sorting solution out there to suit every preference and puzzle size.

So, as you embark on your next puzzle-solving adventure, armed with your chosen sorting tray, may you find joy in every piece you connect and satisfaction in the organized chaos of your puzzle workspace. Embrace the challenge, relish the journey, and let your sorting tray be your steadfast companion on the path to puzzle perfection.

Happy puzzling!

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