What Is An Advent Calendar Jigsaw Puzzle

I bet you’ve heard of Advent calendars – those charming holiday traditions that build excitement as we count down the days to Christmas. But have you ever wondered what happens when you combine the joy of solving jigsaw puzzles with the anticipation of discovering what’s hidden behind the calendar’s doors? That’s precisely what we’re diving into today. Welcome to the enchanting world of Advent calendar jigsaw puzzles!

Key Takeaways:

What is an Advent jigsaw puzzle? An advent jigsaw puzzle is a special type of jigsaw puzzle that is used to count down the days until Christmas.

Here are some key features of advent jigsaw puzzles:

  1. They contain 24-25 different boxes containing puzzle piecess, one box for each day leading up to Christmas. The puzzles are numbered 1 through 24/25.
  2. Each puzzle has a Christmas-themed image and comes in its own box or bag. Popular themes include Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen, Christmas trees, etc.
  3. The completed puzzles vary in difficulty and piece count but usually contain between 100-1000 pieces.
  4. They are meant to be done one per day, starting on December 1st and ending on Christmas Eve or Christmas day. Doing one puzzle box per day is a fun way to anticipate and countdown to the holiday.
  5. The puzzles can be done individually or as a family activity.
  6. Advent jigsaw puzzles are a popular Christmas tradition in many households. They provide a festive way to get into the holiday spirit in the days leading up to Christmas.

The Basics of Advent Calendar Jigsaw Puzzles

Advent Calendar Jigsaw Puzzles

What Are Advent Calendar Jigsaw Puzzles?

An advent calendar jigsaw puzzle is a fun and interactive way to count down the days until Christmas. Imagine a traditional Advent calendar, but instead of finding a small piece of chocolate or a tiny toy behind each door, each day you open a box containing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to put together. By the end of the countdown of 24 days, you will have all the pieces to complete the puzzle. There are many different types of advent calendar jigsaw puzzles available, ranging from 24-piece puzzles to 1000-piece puzzles. 

Origins of Advent Calendar Jigsaw Puzzles

The advent calendar jigsaw puzzle is a relatively new holiday tradition, but it has some interesting origins:

  • Traditional advent calendars originated in the 19th century in Germany as a way for families to count down the days until Christmas. Early versions used small pieces of candy attached to cardboard.
  • The first printed advent calendar was made in 1902 in Germany featuring Bible verses. By the 1920s and 30s, many featured small doors that opened to reveal pictures or chocolates.
  • Jigsaw puzzles became popular in the 1800s and mass production began in the early 1900s. Many featured holiday themes to celebrate Christmas.
  • The combination of an advent calendar with jigsaw puzzles didn’t emerge until the late 1900s. Companies like SunsOut and White Mountain Puzzles helped popularize the advent calendar jigsaw concept.
  • One of the first advent calendar jigsaw puzzles was the “Christmas Memories Advent Calendar” released by SunsOut in the early 2000s. It featured 24 interchangeable holiday puzzles.
  • White Mountain Puzzles released their first advent calendar jigsaw in 2009. Titled “Santa’s March Toward Christmas,” it included 25 mini puzzles.
  • Advent calendar jigsaws grew in popularity through the 2010s with more companies producing elaborately themed sets each year. Popular themes featured nostalgic Christmas imagery.
  • Today, advent calendar jigsaw puzzles are manufactured by dozens of brands and range from 24 to over 100 puzzle counts. They are now a mainstream Christmas tradition for puzzle enthusiasts.

Components of an Advent Calendar Jigsaw Puzzle

Advent Calendar Jigsaw Puzzles

The calendar often features 24 compartments or boxes, each corresponding to a day in December. For the corresponding day you put a portion of a larger puzzle together. After 24 days you have completed the puzzle.

You can either display the puzzle or put the pieces back in the corresponding boxes to be done again next year.

The Joy of Solving and Celebrating

Assembling the Puzzle

The fun begins when you start putting the puzzle together. Sort the pieces by color or pattern and begin assembling them. Don’t worry if it seems challenging at first – it gets easier as the image takes shape.

Daily Countdown

The daily routine of opening a new box and adding puzzle pieces adds a touch of excitement to your day. It’s a fantastic way to build anticipation for the holiday.

A Perfect Gift

Thinking of gift ideas? Advent calendar jigsaw puzzles are not just for personal enjoyment; they make fantastic gifts for puzzle enthusiasts or anyone looking for a unique holiday surprise.

Where to Find Advent Calendar Jigsaw Puzzles

Local Stores

If you want to see the puzzle in person before purchasing, check local retailers, especially during the holiday season. Many department stores and specialty shops may carry them.

Online Retailers

For a broader selection and convenience, online retailers are a fantastic option. You can browse through various designs, read reviews, and have it delivered to your doorstep.

How to Choose the Right Advent Calendar Jigsaw Puzzle

What Is An Advent Calendar Jigsaw Puzzle

Age and Skill Level

Consider the age and puzzle-solving skills of the person you’re buying for. Some puzzles are designed for kids, while others offer a challenge for adults.

Theme and Design

Advent calendar jigsaw puzzles come in a wide range of themes and designs. Whether you prefer traditional holiday scenes or something more unique, there’s a puzzle for you.

Quality and Brand

Opt for well-known brands and manufacturers to ensure the quality of both the puzzle pieces and the surprises behind the doors.

The Puzzle Pieces

The quality of the puzzle pieces is crucial. They’re typically made of durable cardboard, ensuring they stand the test of time. You want pieces that fit snugly and won’t easily fray at the edges.

Tips for Maintaining Your Advent Calendar Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Keep the puzzles in their numbered bags or boxes. Don’t dump them all out at once. This keeps them organized and prevents pieces from getting mixed up before their “day.”
  • Store the puzzles in a flat surface, not stacked or piled when not in use. Piling them can warp or bend the pieces.
  • Consider using puzzle boards or trays to assemble each daily puzzle. This keeps them intact after assembling instead of taking them apart each time.
  • Be gentle when breaking apart and reassembling so pieces don’t get bent or damaged. Avoid forcing pieces together that don’t fit.
  • Keep puzzles away from places with high humidity, extreme temperatures, or direct sunlight as these can damage or warp the pieces.
  • Use puzzle mats or soft tablecloths as a cushioned surface to prevent scratching finished puzzles when they are moved.
  • Handle puzzles carefully by the edges or use puzzle tweezers to avoid leaving fingerprints and smudges on the pieces.
  • To keep assembled puzzles clean, avoid eating or drinking over them and gently dust with a soft brush if needed.
  • Check pieces for damage after each use and replace any pieces that become lost, bent, or worn.
  • Consider framing or gluing favorite puzzles after the season is over to preserve and display them.

Following these basic care tips will keep the advent puzzle pieces in great shape and able to be enjoyed year after year!


How do I start an Advent calendar jigsaw puzzle?

Getting started with an Advent calendar jigsaw puzzle is a breeze. Begin by finding the number-one puzzle box. The boxes are usually numbered making them easy to identify. Once you’ve found it, begin assembly like a regular type jigsaw puzzle. The goal is to each day finish putting the pieces in the corresponding date together and building on the previous days. Remember to savor the anticipation as you reveal a new piece each day.

Are Advent calendar jigsaw puzzles suitable for children?

Yes, Advent calendar jigsaw puzzles are fantastic for kids. Many designs are specifically created with children in mind, featuring colorful and engaging images. However, make sure to select a puzzle with an appropriate piece count and complexity level for the child’s age and skill. It’s an excellent way to introduce them to the world of puzzles while adding a touch of magic to the holiday season.

Can I reuse an Advent calendar jigsaw puzzle for next year?

Absolutely! Advent calendar jigsaw puzzles are designed for reuse. After the holidays, carefully disassemble the puzzle and sort the pieces according to the number on the back. You can use resealable bags or puzzle mats to store the pieces but usually, you will have the individual boxes to store the pieces in. When the next holiday season comes around, reassemble the puzzle, and you can enjoy the magic of revealing surprises once again.

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Incorporating the delightful Advent calendar jigsaw puzzle into your holiday traditions adds a unique twist to the season’s festivities. It’s an opportunity to challenge your puzzle-solving skills while savoring the anticipation of the holidays. So, go ahead and dive into this magical combination of puzzles and Advent calendars – it’s a tradition worth embracing.

If you’re looking for recommendations on the best Advent calendar jigsaw puzzles, be sure to visit our Best Advent Calendar Puzzles. Happy puzzling and happy holidays!

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